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→ just another average story...


continuation of my last reblog and what im talking about..
okay well first to start off ill just go on to say that this weekend was the best/craziest/most unbelievable weekend of my life..sooo much happened that i know ima miss pointing out alot of the details, but im gonna try and be as thorough…

last time ill bring this up, but thank you to anyone who actually took the time to read it and stuff, i dont even know if i would, lol but yeah thanks assholes! =)

just another average story…

continuation of my last reblog and what im talking about..
okay well first to start off ill just go on to say that this weekend was the best/craziest/most unbelievable weekend of my life..sooo much happened that i know ima miss pointing out alot of the details, but im gonna try and be as thorough as possible just because its a cool story to tell in my opinion and because i just feel overwhelmed by all these thoughts and its just a must, like i feel like i need to blog my weekend and experiences that came with.

well saturday was my senior year prom. everything was already prepared for that night and what was to come of it. had just gotten my haircut earlier last week, tux was ready, blah blah, basically all was set for saturday nights function. i honestly did not know what to expect of it but at least i wasnt nervous or worried since i was just going solo with friends compared to how nervous i wouldve been if i had taken a ‘date’. you ever wake up in the morning of a big event that is gonna take place place that following day and you kinda just wish it was the next day already so you can like get it over with or whatever? and then finally it happens or it passes and youre doing something completely different that never crossed your mind or never imagined youd be in such a situation and its nothing that you even thought would happen? well i had such a moment (i wonder if theres a term for something like that? kinda like deja vu but idk) and turns out, i never went to my prom even tho i already had my ticket and tux and stuff. long story short, some fuck shit happened and i didnt know who i was going with anymore not even just friends i could tag along with without feeling awkward and uncomfortable. it all happened too soon and i didnt wanna look stupid walking in alone, i mean i could care less what people think i hardly ever care, but walking in to prom by myself? nah… so you know they say prom is supposed to be the best night of your high school blah blah and that you should enjoy it and just have a great time and make memories of a lifetime? well that ideal hit me hard and got me thinking to doing something else that i would enjoy much much more than prom and be the happiest ever….visiting my best friend who lives several hundreds of miles away from me, to phoenix, arizona!!!!!!!!!

i decided or chose to skip gay ass prom and do something that i would actually remember till the day i die and forever after that..i decided and made the choice to take my car *mom just came in trying to put more pity on me and tried to make me say that what i did was not worth it..nope, sorry, it was worth it, every little thing was worth it, was my response* anyways back to the story (which was a car i had just received in advance as a graduation present) and take off to arizona instead of going to prom. in my tux and everything since i thought and my parents thought i was going to prom, (i mean why wouldnt i?), i left just like that. quickly packed a spare outfit into my backpack and left.

before i left *wow, now my mom came in again telling me of all these ‘changes’ theres going to be from now on and asked me if im sorry. no, why would i have to apologize for something i made a choice on, and for doing something that made me happy?* anyways, before i left, i called her, explained to her everything, and asked her what she thought if i left to go visit her that night and spend easter with her. it was all so sudden and i knew she wasnt going to let me right away since it was just so much to take in. everything was unexpected to her just as it was to me but all i needed was her to say yes. finally after making some confusion clear she said yes!! the last minute plan, or not even a plan just a wild adventure that was about to happen was all set in motion..

now let me give a brief description of my best friend and how we met…i know its difficult for people to understand when you talk about meeting someone online and becoming friends with them, but that is how me and my best friend met..we met through twitter as weird as that sounds, in the summer of 2011. i still dont know through who or how she came onto my timeline, but the second she did, it was like love at first sight, like idk i guess it happens alot when you see someone online, but this was different and i instantly had to see who she was and everything! to me, she is the most beautiful girl my eyes have ever laid eyes on and from that point forward i just wanted to get to know her and see if her beauty matched her i began to know her, i knew i had found someone very special, i never felt so happy talking to someone and it turned out her personality was just as amazing as her looks and i knew she was just perfect. getting to know her i fell in love more and more and we just clicked, we always clicked. we had similar interests and differences that we would completely understand and never had to change anything for me to try and make her like me, she already liked my true self. we would not let a day go by without talking and every time she just made me so happy and i truly felt lucky. truthfully, i didnt know where this was going and how close we were going to three years later to today, and she is my best friend for fucking everything and although weve been through so much even together and all the ups and downs throughout this friendship we both know this is something real. nothing has ever stopped us from being friends and she is the best thing to ever happen to me. this is as genuine as a true friendship can get and i pride ourselves on that.

well easter sunday, april 20th, of 2014, i finally met my best friend Urhey Christena Elia, for the first time ever after three years of knowing each other. every moment with her on sunday, even though it was just for some hours, were the best moments of my life, and the reason why that sunday now marks as one of the best days of my life so far..

leaving my house on a lie to my parents that i was just going to prom was the only thing i feel bad about all of this, however, all this risk was worth it. i wish i didnt have to lie, but it was the only way i would be able to go. when i first left the house, i stopped at a nearby carls jr since there was a big empty parking lot and i called my best friend to let her know i was now on my way…after the call the worst had to happen and this car that i barely had for a week or so, would not start..luckily one of the workers had jumper cables and started my car again. this shouldve stopped me from going as the risks were even greater, but i was too devoted that i continued anyways. the road trip was great since i was bumping my music the whole way as loud as i could and i had never felt so much freedom in my life before. it marks to this day my most rebellious moment and i would do it all over again. i left on just a hundred dollars in my pocket and let me just point out that i had barely driven on the freeway twice in my whole life and now here i was driving to arizona on my own..i didnt even know what to expect about everything to come. i was so anxious/happy/scared/excited beyond anything, that i was finally going to be meeting my bestest friend for the first time in just a matter of hours. funny thing too, was that i would always tell her that as soon as i got a car, i would just drive out there one night and see her. and just two weeks of having my car, i kept my promise without even knowing it since i never thought about that. that actual promise never came to mind, but i guess somehow it was just bound to happen and was prolly thinking about it on a subconscious level. that might be how my idea of visiting her, struck my mind just hours before prom tho.

finally i arrived outside her house and took the little nap in my car since it was already four in the morning and we had decided to wake up and see each other at six in the morning. it was hard to sleep since i couldnt wait to see her, but luckily i was also tired from the drive. seeing her was now just a blink away. when i woke up to her texts that she was getting ready, i too started getting ready still in my tuxedo and began to get nervous as fuck haha. i wasnt that nervous at all, until it was almost time..the moment when i was finally going to meet my best friend who i met through twitter and closest we ever got was by facetime, but here is us, finally about to actual meet each other for the first time, face to face.

she walked out her door, and it was like seeing an angel. ive had dreams about being with her, we both have, and now our dreams were a reality. it was now real life, and a moment where i said to myself, dreams come true. she was even more gorgeous than i imagined, seeing her in person was just one of the best sights of my life too. we hugged each other for the longest and it was finally our physical contact that we had always been waiting for. summary of the day: we spent time together eating breakfast at dennys, taking numerous photos together, conversating about everything and filled with laughs and smiles, meeting her boyfriend who i respect very much and getting to know him more, taking more photos and having little photoshoots at all the nice places her boyfriend took us too while we all toured around the beautiful city of phoenix, and eating frozen yogurt together. then me and Urhey went to the movies to watch that horror film oculus (crazy and confusing lol), and it was just a great date alongside with my beautiful best friend. i felt so proud and like the luckiest guy in the world just being around her. here i am spending time with my best friend who i truly love alot. and i felt loved by her as well, like i never felt before on a friendship level. its all i have been wanting and going through alot back home and with my uncertain future that is to come, i felt happy and her love and friendship to me, made me forget about all and every single one of my problems i had been dealing with. i finally found someone who cared about me as much as i cared about them. i finally was with someone that felt the same way about me as i did of them. this friendship is as real as it gets and i love everything about her and all her amazing qualities. i feel what we have together is something that doesnt come very often, if not hardly ever and is inexplicably rare. we will always be friends forever. sadly, the best day ever was coming to an end since i had to get back home as i left my parents on more lies that i was with some friends at a cookout and spending easter with them that i wasnt going to get back home till the night. saying goodbye to her was hard. it wasnt sad however, because we had finally spent quality time together and both knew it was just the sneak peek so to say, of all the next times we will be spending together. it was a see you later type of goodbye because now we knew it was possible and it was just the start of more adventures that are to come. especially now, since ill be graduating in june, i will be able to see her more often and continue where we left off having all the fun together and making more memorable memories that will last a lifetime. nah, scratch that, making amazing, great memories together that will last forever.

now if you’re still reading this you might be wondering what happened and if my parents found out…lets just say dont drive at night when youre running on like an hour of sleep. tire blewout, had my first near-death experience, was stuck in the side of the highway at one in the morning (the sky was awesome tho, as there was no lights from cities anywhere and it was the middle of nowhere with just the desert and passing cars, there was so many stars and was a very blissful moment for me to sit back and reminisce on everything and realize just how amazing life is), for several hours with a dead phone and waited until my dad got me who was two hours away from where i was stuck stranded. am i grounded? yes. does my mom hate me? at the moment, yes..very much. but its understandable. do i regret anything? no. i regret nothing as maybe i wouldve not met my bestfriend this past sunday. i made the choice to see her and nothing was going to stop me and nothing was going to make me give up control. i for once felt free and like i did what i wanted to do, which was being with my best friend. i took the opportunity and the chance. i risked almost everything and at the end, it was all still worth it. if i had the chance to do it all over again, i would. no question about it. with her, i was the happiest i think i ever ever been. i feel like our life is a movie except its actually real and not made up at all. thats all we want is to experience life together and live our lives to the fullest always supporting each other as we always have. she is my best friend till the end. a true friend, and my everything. I LOVE YOU URHEY, ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!