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hi tumblr. sorry for the hiatus. i’m back tho. blogging just seems to take up time. i miss you guys man, y’all know who you are. i been pretty busy lately too tho which is crazy cause i never been off tumblr for so long in a given time frame. i feel sus for that last sentence sounding like i have to be on cause i’m addicted but i’m not i just enjoy the stuff i see on here and mainly use this for discovering new shit. like new brands, music, or basically just some great art. anyways, big things have been happening in my life and sooo fast i haven’t really even had time to process much cause i’m always doing something so now i finally have time to sort of ventilate all this ish out. not shit tho pretty awesome stuff. where the fuck do i start? ummmmm, uh well i graduated high school finally! #niggawemadeit blah blah haha but nah i guess i’m pretty happy about that…honestly i just see it as finally more time to focus on myself and actual time to spend more time doing the shit i enjoy. i also am back working at the pizza joint, hit me up and ya boy marclife will be there to deliver your freshly baked pizza niggggaaa! cant tell me nothin’! tip me good tho ayyeee. aha but nah i actually love that job i think its the best first job anyone could get, its fun and all my coworkers are tight af! i love those guys and my managers man. so i’m happy on that part too cause pay is decent and i cleared my debt i owed my mom if anyone ever read my previous ‘phoenix adventure’ post. lol anyways biggest and best announcement from what came into my life is that now i actually have a girlfriend….damn, just reading that to myself is crazy cause i never in my entire life have had the ability to say that cause well, i’ve never had a girlfriend! her name is Aileen, she really came into my life like that in a very strange time. we are one of those unexpected types of relationships we have like you never saw coming type, buuut i guess it’s true what they say, the unexpected things that come into your life truly are the best. cause idk it’s just different and it flows much better, in my opinion. i don’t think i’ve ever been happier tho, she is my angel cause we became close and fell in love i guess at a time when i was feeling like i was on the verge, like borderline of focus. i was low on determination and motivation, and she is my motivation and inspiration! i love her, like no other really. and she really is changing me in ways i never imagined..good ways too so don’t worry guys ima always remain focused. good thing now is i have my source of love that i need to keep it pushing and making it through anything. i have my source of happiness and i’m not one to depend on anyone, but i know i can depend on her. her. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. just…HER! yeah now i have someone to bring along with me in all my future plans. someone to be by my side and it feels amazing really. okay i guess that’s all for now guys. thanks for reading to whoever actually cares and read through all of this. you rule. honestly. oh by the way, i purchased lana’s new album..fucking gold. beautiful sounds in that and amazes me how it’s mostly just from her breathtaking voice, literally. okay till next time.hope y’all are doing great too. peep the ask if you need anything i’m always up to talk if you actually legit, genuinely fukcs with me. keep it way out there. night. out.