marco fuentes; 18 years old. this blog contains art, girls, creativity, nature, music, girls, quality photography, architecture, and some humor. i don't own anything i post, unless stated...enjoy your stay.

nowadays i only get on this weekly instead of daily like i used to lol. it just doesn’t catch my interest as much anymore. not tryna sound like some pretentious hipster type of guy either but, i feel like things really do get boring by the over-consumption of these things for the people but used in the wrong ways. like instagram for example, when all some people post is some dumb quote with a cheesy wallpaper that they 98% of the time don’t even apply to their own life. or some stupid memes instead of what it’s for which is you know, photos that capture interest from whoever is following. idk im just rambling. anyways life has been great, my girlfriend is awesome and although things have been steady since i graduated high school i like it, cause i felt like i needed this steady time in my life for a lil. until the wild times start rolling in…out. :)